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Platform Meister

Beautifully designed.

Optimally viewable across devices.

Packed with features. Increasingly capable.

marketing and sales website solution that is key to growing your small business.

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Your Aspirations and Challenges

To build your brand online and grow your business.

Your website is the heart of your message, services and products. With your valuable content, you seek to improve the life of your audience, whether they are fans, followers or prospects. You also want to serve and delight your customers, persuading them to become repeat customers and nurturing them to be your ambassadors. To start, you want it at a fraction of your time and effort.

Building such a capable website is not an option, as it is imperative that you focus on growing your small or medium size business. Engaging a typical agency doesn’t work that well either, as the plethora of project approaches are simply daunting and takes too long. The ever changing technology landscape and project approaches keep getting in the way.

Why Platform Meister?

Because we are passionate about helping you build your brand.

Having built, operated and supported our own marketing and sales website since 2005, we appreciate the exciting journey you are already on, or perhaps are about to embark.

We like you to leverage our deep knowledge, expertise and experiences in building solutions that help you compete, market and sell. Avoiding the mistakes we made is key.

First, we like to help launch or transition your website by rapidly but gently personalizing ours with your unique strategy and content. Next, we love to support, guide and grow with you.

Features and Editions

Foundational and business features to compete, market and sell. Crafted editions for a rapid launch.

Why Is Our Approach Effective?

Because it is simple and projects complete quickly.

With some preparations, only a few touch points involving you are required during the project’s entire execution timeframe.

1. Start

2. Plan

3. Build

4. Test

5. Accept

6. Launch!

Helping Your Brand Blast Off!

Through Mutual Creativity, Innovation & Partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

A Platform Meister website is a turn-key, marketing and sales website solution that is key to growing your business.

Beautifully designed. Optimally viewable across devices. Packed with features from the get go and increasingly capable, it represents you well in the present and in the future.

Infused with our sense of aesthetics, it is designed to be leveraged and gently personalized for your brand.

Most importantly, it runs on a best-in-class website hosting environment, finely-tuned to ensure speed and security all around.

Individuals and small business owners would be very interested in this platform.

To start, you can highlight your personal talents and accomplishments, showcasing your unique individuality.

For a business owner who would rather focus on what you do best, this turn-key solution enables you to launch quickly, ensuring competitive advantage.

Is built on WordPress, a proven set of foundational and web technologies.

Is packed with features that you can immediately use, from the start.

Is hosted on a best-in-class infrastructure and content distribution networks, ensuring speed and security.

Is constantly enhanced. Feature enhancements made for Platform Meister’s own use are also made available as new Business Features; if you decide to use them on your own website, your development costs is effectively shared, not to mention the rapid turn around; your input may also influence go-forward features too.

Is built with features that afford unlimited usage and have no-recurring usage fees.

Provides photography and logo design, if required.

We are business owners first and foremost, and website solution provider and content strategists second.

We understand what your business journey may be like, especially as it relates to the technology and website areas.

We have also built and operated our own business websites since 2005, and having lots of fun along the way!

We have crafted, cohesively integrated and finely-tuned our solution for you to leverage.

We are accountable, and are your single point of contact, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

As we continue to enhance our own websites’ capabilities, we would love for you to leverage those learnings and results.

The Platform Meister website solution is finely-tuned to securely and optimally run on the best-in-class, hosting environment.

This allows you to take advantage of the superior infrastructure available and the best practices implemented.

Hosting your website elsewhere is not recommended and currently unavailable.

We provide logo design services for your website and other marketing material.

Please contact us on that.

As part of a project, we can provide images of you, your staff and your products for use on your website and marketing material.

Please contact us on that.

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